Crown Reef is situated in Mayfair, corner Hanover Street and Crown Reef Road. Crown Reef Primary is a co-de English Medium School offering a positive learning environment from Grade R to Grade 7.
Ferreira Primary School used the premises of Crown Reef Primary during the year 1990 when they were renovating the buildings. They returned to the school at the end of 1990. Some learners and staff remained at Crown Reef Primary School. The school was started in the year 1991 under the principal ship of Mr. Nakhuda. He retired at the end of 1991.

Mr. Dhulum was appointed principal for the years 1992 to 1993. Mr. Dhulum left the school at the end of 1993 and Mr. Mangera was appointed as principal in 1994. He was at the school for 2 years, until the end of 1995.

Ms D.Louw was appointed by the Department of Education as principal in 1996. She was at the school for 2 terms and she relocated. Mr Tilly was the appointed as principal. He registered in 1997.  The late Ms. Khan was acting principal for the remainder of the year 1997. Mr F. Sallie was appointed principal in 1997. He retired in July 2006.

Mrs S.Latiff was the first deputy principal to be appointed at Crown Reef Primary school in May 2002. She was acting principal when Mr. Sallie retired in 2006. She was appointed by the department of education in January 2009. During her term of office Mrs S.Latiff upgraded the staffroom, administration block as well as the toilet facilities. The intersen phase block was painted and new chalkboards were installed. Cameras have been installed for security of learners and teachers.

An intercom system has been installed to make communication of ease. 2 Grade R mobiles are now at the school to cater for our Grade R learners. The school environment is now all +/- 678 learners including the grade R. The quad / play ground outside the administration block and foundation phase classes have been paved.

Both the staff and learners of the school are representatives of the demographics of the community. The school has grown and developed since 1991.